Let’s keep it simple!

Please review full Copyright Statement


All works (artworks, drawings, doodles, creative writings, characters and designs) are my intellectual property (IP) and are protected by copyright law. All work is property Jorge Pereira dba DoodlingJorge LLC (htps://doodlingjorge.com), the Artist.

You may never try to sell products/services, brand yourself, or otherwise profit with my artworks, my artist name, and other IP in any form without the proper commercial license or an explicit license contract from me. This includes any association with business entities, organization, or online personality and applies regardless of the resolution/size of my artwork used.


First of all THANK YOU!

You can share my art with your audience using the LowRes (1080×1080 px or smaller) watermarked version of my artworks AND adding a citation credit with my name & link my website or social profiles. For example:

  • “Art by DoodlingJorge: https://doodlingjorge.com”
  • “Art by @DoodlingJorge” (on Instagram/Twitter)

Plagiarism and impersonation are never welcomed. Don’t copy my IP and try to pass it off as your own original work. It takes little effort to simply credit my name.


Two kinds of licenses can be granted based on availability and purchase.


For buyer’s personal use only. You may print these files as many times as you’d like, but commercial use is strictly prohibited. Please refrain from sharing, re-selling, or uploading to publicly available websites. By purchasing this listing, you agree to uphold the copyright agreement.


Royalty-Free non-exclusive commercial use license. Use anywhere in the world for unlimited projects with no expiration dates.

  • To be used on print, merch, digital advertising, presentations, commercial websites and commercial blogs.
  • You can’t use content for prints or other merchandise without adding considerable artistic value.
  • You can’t re-sell or re-distribute digital file
  • Attribution not required.

If you are interested in another license or deal, please send me an email with details so we can discuss.

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